The Starbucks Experience
It’s possible for anyone to lose weight now!


Encouragement soothes the soul.

Today as I walked into the back room to begin my shift, I noticed I had a note on my green apron board. The green apron board is something Starbucks employees, also known as Partners, use to encourage one another. Today I got my first note underneath my name and it looked a little something like this: 

The words of encouragement really helped! Especially since I am the new guy, and we all know that isn’t the best title. However I am glad that my upbeat personality brings more to my Starbucks team!

My favorite Frappucino!

The Caramel Frappucino! This particular one was made by yours truly. =)

The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership.


I began working at Starbucks Monday September 13, 2010. In two weeks I already have quite a few stories.

Before we get to those stories, let me give you a little bit of an explanation of who I actually am. My name is Chase Duquette, I am currently 19 but less than one month from 20, I am a veteran of the US Army and I served in the M.I. corps as an Imagery Analyst. 

I was involuntarily discharged from the US Army due to a bad knee and found myself at home with out a job… but with bills to pay and myself to feed. Needless to say, I started applying for jobs ASAP. A very good friend of mine had just got hired at another Starbucks location in my area, and we were going to try to work together. I made a mistake and applied to the wrong location, but it actually worked out for the better. 

Ever since I was little I knew I would LOVE to work at a coffee shop. There was an episode of Rugrats, in which you find out that Chuckie’s dad owns a coffee shop. The relaxed atmosphere and low lit settings even in the cartoon, had drilled in my brain that this is what I wanted to do.

About two weeks after I applied to Starbucks, I received a phone call from now my Store Manager saying that he wanted me to come in for an interview. I was ECSTATIC. This was a dream come true to me! 

Three days later I went in for my interview, I had to dress kind of dorky, because Starbucks law says, “NO VISIBLE TATTOOS OF ANY KIND” and I have two forearm tattoos. I dressed in jeans and a dorky looking collared long sleeve UFC shirt from Wal-mart (bought the morning of the interview). To make matters worse, I had it tucked into my jeans. Anyways, the first interview went really smoothly minus the fact I found out that I had to compete for this spot. I wasn’t the only one trying to get the ONLY slot available for this job. It is on the Forbes top 100 best companies to work for every year you know. That fact shook me up a tad, because i really didn’t wanna see a dream like this one slip through my fingers. After the interview I crossed my fingers and wished myself the best luck one can give themselves.

About a week and a half goes by and I knew that it was the day my manager would either call if I got the job, or not if I didn’t. I had travelled across state the same day to see some family, so my phone was off all day. That night when my phone was finally able to be utilized I turned it on with that suspenseful feeling  and noticed I had a new voicemail. Was this what I had been waiting for? I called my voicemail immediately to find out I had six unheard messages. Don’t you hate when that happens? Anyways, five messages down and no Starbucks information yet.. one left… surely enough the sixth message went something like this:

"Hi, this is ______ from Starbucks. I carefully reviewed all the interviews and determined you would be the best for the job. Call me back at ***-***-**** to verify that you would still like the barista position. Have a good day". 

I don’t think that words can justify how truly amazing I felt when I was hearing that message. I ran into my living room and yelled out loud, ” I GOT MY DREAM JOB!!!”. My grandmother was almost as excited as I was! Thus the beginning of a beautiful partnership.